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harrison-bernstein-everyday-coach's podcast

I’m Harrison Bernstein host of The Everyday Coach, an exploration into helping us improve relationships by recognizing coaching opportunities in our daily lives. Whether it’s just a quick word or a longer engagement, we are coaching every day.. in every aspect of our life, whether we realize it or not. This makes us all coaches. On each episode, we talk with prominent leaders about how we can turn everyday interactions into everyday coaching moments.

I started this show because I realized I know so many fantastic coaches in professional sports, in successful businesses and in our nation’s military. I also know these incredible people have secret insights about what it takes to successfully lead as a coach. And I want to share this knowledge with the world, so everyone can become a GREAT everyday coach.

May 18, 2023

In this episode, we discuss the concept of thoughts and the power we choose to give them.  And sometimes we make them VERY powerful. Dr. Ben Freakly shares his perspective on the subject from his extensive experience and knowledge base.  

Dr. Ben Freakley is the CEO and founder of Ready|Set|Resilient, a coaching...